Non-Slip Coatings & Paint for Wood

Increase the slip resistance of your wooden floors and stairs with Slip No More’s premium non-slip coatings and paint for wood.

Do you have wooden stairs or wooden floors that are slippery?

Why not browse through our product range, specifically designed for wooden floors and wooden stairs? Our Non-Slip Coatings will help you avoid nasty slip, trip, and fall accidents at home or in the workplace.

Slip No More prides itself on developing Anti-Slip Products and Non-Slip Coatings. These coatings are affordable and last for years. Our distributors are slippery floors experts. If you have slippery wood floors, we can help.

No matter what your needs are, Slip No More Coatings perform a variety of functions. They seal the wood to avoid water damage. They make wood safer to walk on. Our coatings make your wood floor look new after sun exposure.

We carry a few different options in our range:

Non-Slip Coating for wood

Because our All Weather Coating is an easy-to-apply Polyurethane Coating that has a scientifically designed skin-safe traction bead build into it. The traction beads don’t irritate bare skin. It will give you enough traction.

This coating is mild acid resistant, fuel resistant, and scratch-proof. Making it perfect for wood floors and decks near swimming pools. Our All-Weather Coating gets rolled on with a paint roller.

Non-Slip Grip Strip for wood stairs

Our Non-Slip Grip Strip is a lab-formulated thick Polyurethane Coating. The Grip Strip is a particularly easy-to-apply two-part system. Demarcate a 2-inch strip near the end of the stair with the provided masking tape, mix the resin and hardener, paint into the marked area and pour the provided traction granules onto the floor. This product is suited for indoors & outdoors.

Anti-Slip Tape for Wood

Slip No More`s Anti-Slip Tape generally comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. Our tapes, therefore, stick perfectly to wood stairs. They can certainly be used indoors & outdoors. Anti-Slip Tape is best for temporary slip resistance. Simply peel and stick.

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