Water Parks and Splash Pads

In summer, water parks and splash pads should have anti-slip products properly installed. These parks are filled with people trying to escape the heat. Let’s face it; there’s nothing better than going to a water park or splash pad in summer. Before the mad summer rush, managers and maintenance crews of water parks need to pay attention to the safety aspect of slippery floors. During the quiet months of winter, maintenance managers should evaluate the anti-slip products that they are using.

Always remember that when water is around, the slipperiness of surfaces gets much worse, and that is when you need a solid non-slip flooring strategy in place.

What about splash pads?

In a nutshell, a splash pad is a water feature on a concrete surface that is wet most of the day. With that said, it is also very slippery for most of the day.

It is important to have the area coated with a non-slip product that isn’t affected by standing water. The non-slip product should be resistant to pool chemicals and salt etc. It is important to make sure that your splash pad slip resistance is suitable for barefoot high traffic.

Rubber is not always the best product to use on splash pads and swimming pools. The rubber has a limited anti-slip function and could cause more problems than its worth.

At Slip No More, we have developed a range of anti-slip products for all surfaces. We have a non-slip coating that is UV stable for swimming pools, so it won’t fade or change color. This anti-slip coating also has a skin-safe traction bead in it so that you won’t graze your skin if you fall on the slip-resistant floor. To learn more about our paint products, read this article 

Tiles or concrete are typically used for splash pads and swimming pool surrounds. Both of these floor types are slippery and dangerous when wet, and we recommend our anti-slip tile treatment for these slippery floors. 

Increase traction with Anti-Slip Products in Water Parks!

For managers or owners of water parks and splash pads, it’s your responsibility to make sure the floors are not slippery and that you have applied the correct anti-slip products.

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