We have it all when it comes to anti-slip tapes, Non-Slip Coatings, and Non-Skid Stair Treads for slippery steps. Some of our competitors, like Slip Doctors, may offer similar products, but are they actually similar?

For anti-slip solutions for stairs, we have the most comprehensive range available for all types of stairs. We even carry products for ladders, truck boxes, and ramps. No Matter if you have low foot traffic or high foot traffic areas, Slip No More has a product for you.

When addressing the problem of slippery steps, it is important to choose the best non-slip solution. Slippery stairs can be stopped. Simply install non-skid tape and treads. Non-skid stair treads protect the edge of the stair from damage and stop slip and fall accidents from happening.

Slip No More have high-quality adhesive pre-applied so that it can be installed indoors and outdoors. 

Other non-slip solutions for stairs are paint-on coatings with traction beads in them. It doesn’t matter what type of slippery stairs you have. Our non-skid products that are applied to any surface. The easiest fix is always non-skid stair treads.

In some areas, it is important to maintain the look of the stairs. This is when it is important to choose a non-slip product that won’t change the appearance. Have a look through our non-slip coatings page and find the right fit for you. We can definitely help fix slippery steps for good.

Non-Skid Treads save worn-out stairs

If your dangerous steps and stairs look a bit aged and worn, you could also consider using a non-slip paint coating on them instead on non-skid stair treads. Slip No More has one-part and two-part Polyurethane non-slip paint in a range of colors. We also have water-based epoxy paint coatings if you prefer a more robust look and feel to your slippery steps.

Both of these anti-slip paints can be used indoors and outdoors and in homes and office buildings. We have loads of case studies to look at. We have applied our Non-Skid stair treads and anti-slip products on many different surfaces in more than 20 countries. For application instructions, YouTube is also a super helpful platform to learn how products are applied. We also have loads of information on how to use our non-slip coatings on walkways