Workplace Hazards are everywhere, from loading docks, packing areas, entrance stairs, and ramps and walkways. When the workplace is filled with hazards, it makes it challenging. Employees struggle to move freely and focus on their job.

Factories have more floor safety requirements than usual. It is crucial to have a floor safety strategy in place. All stripes and lines on factory floors ensure that all factories are consistently marked to conform to floor safety requirements. This is a standard throughout the United States. Standards ensure that employees are kept from dangerous areas. And this reduces Slip and Fall accidents in the workplace.

When speaking to OSHA about floor markings and how they increase floor safety, this is what they had to say.

Floor Marking is made up of lines painted or taped onto the floor. This helps people avoid dangerous and slippery areas when moving around.

OSHA specifically focuses on standards. And when it comes to areas that are used for handling and storage, they advise that Isles and passages should be clearly marked. They state that:

  • Lines for floor marking must be at least 2″ wide for visibility, and the agency advises that lines could be as thick as 6″.
  • Aisles must be a minimum of 4′ wide or more than 3′ wider than the biggest piece of equipment.
  • Cones, flags, and drums must be used when floors have an unusual surface. 

OSHA doesn’t specify colors in their 1972 OSHA Interpretation but does offer guidance for establishing a color-coded marking system.


This color identifies fire-related hazards and hazards that contain flammable liquids.


Yellow typically identifies caution of physical hazards like the presence of slips, trips, and fall hazards.

Other Colors

Building owners are free to use colors as they see fit as long as they clearly highlight the hazard. In low-light areas, bright, neon, or photoluminescent colors should be used.

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