We often get asked the question of which anti-slip floor finish we recommend. We love to help customers be more aware of anti-slip floor finishes.

There are loads of benefits to having anti-slip flooring solutions. Whether you are using Ant-Slip Tape, Non-Slip Coatings or Anti-Slip Treatments, here are a couple to take note of…

  • It will save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents
  • Assist managers, owners, and employers with compliance
  • A non-slip floor surface will ensure that all of your staff, visitors, and clients will have a safe and happy environment
  • Minimum or no disruption to your business/home during the application

When it comes to choosing anti-slip flooring, there are four main categories of products.

Anti-Slip Tape

Ranging from 1 inch wide to over 8 inches wide, our Anti-Slip tape is available in rolls of 15ft, 30ft and 60ft. We also have a range of different colors from black to hazard and even glow in the dark. Anti-Slip Tape is very versatile in that it is easy to apply and lasts for years. The best short-term solution to any slippery surface problem is Anti-Slip tape.

Anti-Slip Treatments

If you are looking for an invisible Anti-Slip treatment for your tiles, this is the answer. Ideal for slippery tiles that have not been sealed, a single treatment can be applied in under 30min and can last for up to 3 years.

Non-Slip Coatings

Depending on the surface, you might need a Non-Slip coating. Our coatings have the best traction beads included in them and can be used in many different environments. If its a food processing plant or a busy warehouse, we have the non-slip coating for you.

Anti-Slip Cleaning and Maintenance Products

It is important to keep your slippery floor clean. All floors risk exposure to dirt, grime, grease and mud. All of these are potential slip and fall hazards. Once a floor is cleaned properly, it becomes much safer and has less potential of becoming slippery.

At Slip No More, we carry them all. Check out our products page

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