Training your employees about floor safety could save you money. Floor safety is not as straightforward as simply treating your floors with an anti-slip floor treatment. But if employees do not know the company is taking a stance on floor safety and about improved procedures, hazards will still exist.

This is why it’s important to train employees about floor safety hazards and what their role is in preventing accidents. Hold employee training sessions to expose and review floor safety hazards at your facility. More often than not, employees will share more about floor safety because it affects them too.


It could be fun to hold workshops in different areas of your workplace. With a little creativity, you could get employees to interact about all sorts of topics, including floor safety.

Memos and Posters

Subliminal messaging from posters in wet areas is a great way to train employees about floor safety. You can put up posters that are funny and informative. Be sure to rotate these posters so that the message doesn’t get stale over time. You can also send out a memo internally, memes are a great hit with these days and putting a humorous twist to it will always do the trick.

The best short-term solution to fix any slippery floor is the use of anti-slip tape. It is easy to install and does not require any special skills. Simply clean the area, then peel the backing off and place the self-adhesive anti-slip tape where you want it. If you feel you need some training, pop over to our YouTube channel for a quick lesson on how to install anti-slip tape