When it comes to non slip coatings for various surfaces around your home or business, reliability is a word Slip No More takes very seriously. We understand that you often entrust your safety, wellbeing and even life in the notion that your tiles and other surfaces are treated with the right non slip coatings.

Having operated successfully in the industry for some time, we are the slip-safety experts. Dean Strydom, entrepreneur and creator of Slip No More anti slip flooring and other products, decided in 2005 to build a brand of reliable non slip coatings and his brainchild has certainly not disappointed to date. Our non slip coatings are not limited to your tiled floors, as we strive to be the all-round leader in the slip prevention industry—on all fronts. This includes slip and fall protection for:

  • Showers and baths in domestic homes or nursing homes, where the elderly are especially vulnerable and susceptible to debilitating injuries.
  • Children’s play areas.
  • Shopping mall floors.
  • General bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
  • Offices.
  • Golf clubs and other equipment.
  • Patios and balconies.
  • Hospitals, show rooms and even cold rooms.
  • Swimming pools: If you have ever experienced the dread of injuries when children are running around the pool then you will be well aware of the necessity of certain outdoor protective measures in addition to indoor uses.

The above versatility means that our non slip coatings can be used as a solution for both your home and business undertaking, without compromising on efficacy and safety. So, how is it that we ensure the reliability we boast is maintained?

Firstly, by ensuring that you have all the products you will require under one roof, so that your anti-slip solution is not found wanting. This includes anti-skid tape, cleaning products, epoxy coatings for ceramics and porcelain surfaces and grip kits for applications on stairways, ramps, platform edges, ladder rungs, forklifts, level crossings and the like. Secondly, we ensure that the products you do receive are of a quality standard while still being affordable. Quality is maintained because we undertake the process for you. Included in the price is the cleaning and degreasing of your tiles, anti-slip treatment and neutralization. However, if you wish to undertake the process yourself, click here for our DIY product and instructions.

Non slip floor tiles may not seem like a must if you tread carefully or ensure that you walk slowly. The truth is, however, that nobody falls on purpose and accidents can occur no matter how careful you are—especially in cases when it is beyond your control, such as with your children, the elderly or your workforce. Take a look at this disturbing statistic:

“For people between 65 and 84, falling is the second leading cause of injury-related deaths while between five and ten per cent of job fatalities are caused by falling.”

This can certainly be curbed and prevented. To avoid the family member or employee you care about becoming another statistic, give us a call today!