When it comes to injury prevention, there is a lot of potentials for harmful situations to occur in the workplace. Especially if floor safety is not considered. Imagine tripping and falling on a wet floor at work and ending up with a fracture that takes away 24 workdays from an employee’s calendar. Imagine the sum of money that would have to be paid out in a disability lawsuit.

Problems related to tripping and falling at the workplace require a solution of their own. Often, they are solved by placing a floor safety sign or treating the floors with an anti-slip floor treatment. Placing a wet floor sign is not an ideal injury prevention strategy. It is not effective as one would think.

It is better to put a realistic injury prevention strategy in place, which eliminates human error. This would involve a proper evaluation of the area, along with a consultation with a floor safety expert. Once the area has been assessed, a proper plan must be put in place. This plan must clearly highlight each aspect of the injury prevention strategy. Starting from high-risk areas and ending at low-risk areas.

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