How many places use porcelain or ceramic tiles? Places like the shopping mall, the supermarket, the workplace, and even leisure and at home. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are everywhere. The problem with porcelain or ceramic tiles is that they are slippery, especially when wet.

Slippery floors account for the second highest accidental death rate in the world. Slip No More has a solution to the problem! We have top-quality products that are able to prevent slipping and falling accidents. Our anti-slip treatment for tiles are designed on marble, granite, Terracotta and Terrazzo. And specifically porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Our Products

The anti-slip self-adhesive tape reduces the slipperiness of surfaces in both wet and dry conditions. Slip No More manufactures anti-slip and non-slip treatments. These are guaranteed and can be used on all tiles, including porcelain tiles.

One application of our anti-slip floor treatments lasts for many years. Our products are guaranteed for up to 3 years.

The anti-slip treatments that Slip No More use do not alter the appearance of porcelain or ceramic tiles tiles. These treatments can actually bring out the original color of the tile.  For smaller areas, we have a handy DIY option for you to use.  So contact  Slip No More today to see how our products work and what we can offer you.

The Slip No More brand

The Anti Slip and Non Slip products for slippery floors are manufactured by Slip No More. They have excellent characteristics that suit any work, home or industrial environment. It is often never thought about but slippery floors are a global problem. A problem that accounts for the second highest accidental death rate in the world, second to motor vehicle accidents. With this backdrop, Slip No More Anti-Slip flooring products has realised the definite need for quality Anti Slip flooring products. And Products for slippery floors coupled with an affordable price backed up by the best service was in need in the North American market.

The global problem

Slip No More Anti-Slip flooring products are of world-class quality and are able to prevent slipping and falling accidents for long periods of time at an affordable price. For example, our Anti Slip treatment Product for slippery floors is an anti Slip flooring product that is able to treat any type of slippery tile, including Ceramics, Porcelain, Terracotta, Terrazzo, and Sandstone as well as Marble, Granite, and Polished Concrete.

The Anti Slip and Non-Slip treatments manufactured by Slip No More Anti Slip flooring products have excellent characteristics that suit any work, home, or industrial environment. Especially when there is a need for Products for slippery floors.

Key facts

  • One application lasts for several years. We guarantee our Products for slippery floors for up to 5 years in a domestic environment and up to 3 years in a commercial environment.
  • Our Anti-Slip treatments do not alter the appearance of the tiles and, in most cases, bring out the original color of the tile, no other Products for slippery floors can offer you that.
  • We have a handy Do-It-Yourself option for smaller areas that does require intensive labor, in fact, we even have an instructional video on how to apply the product that makes your floor non slip
  • There is minimal disruption when we apply our Anti-Slip products for slippery floors too slippery floors. On average, we can apply 50sqm per hour from start to finish. The added advantage is that the slippery floors that we turn into non-slippery floors. These floors got back into use as soon as we have finished.
  • Our YouTube channel is filled with training videos