You need non-slip coatings for your floors. You may be wondering why the approach is so direct. But they are the one thing that you need in your home, more urgently than anything else. Have you ever noticed that the tiles on your floor could be a health hazard? They are this way because they are not surfaces that tend to give you a lot of good traction. So if there is water or oil on the floor, you run the risk of falling and crashing down. You also run the risk of incurring an injury that is less than desirable.

If you have non-slip coatings for your home, the risk of slipping and falling and injuring yourself is non-existent. Parents will understand how important it is to make sure that your children are safe in the home. A large part of this is ensuring that they do not slip and fall while they are playing happily.

The make-up: what makes these non-slip coatings so special?

The effectiveness of a product often lies in its design. If the product is well made, you are more likely to have some great results. Every non-slip coating should be made of a polymer. Polymers are designed to adhere to any type of floor. This inhibits the amount of friction that that section of the floor gets. Most of these coatings can be installed by hand and there is a procedure to doing this that is quite specific.

The floor needs to be cleaned with a pH balancer so that the coating can properly adhere. After this is done, the coating can be applied. It should be left to dry for about three to five minutes. After this time has elapsed, you should make sure that you have let it dry properly. It needs to then also be neutralized as well, with a liberal wipe of water. You will then have protection on your floors for approximately three to five years, meaning that both you and your family will be safe. It is important to make sure that you have got these coatings on your floor to make sure that everyone in your home is safe.

Non-slip coatings are also used as a safety measure in facilities that are used to look after the elderly or the sick, even children. So if you are dedicated to making sure that you are going to provide a safe future, you should look no further than Slip No More to do it. We manufacture the very best when it comes to non-slip coatings and are responsible for the safety of thousands of homes and workplaces. We even have a DIY kit, so if you are up for the challenge, you will be able to install the coating yourself.