If there is anything that you need to make sure of in a workplace, it is the fact that your workers will be safe. There is nothing that is more important than making sure that safety is maintained. One of the most frequent types of accidents in the workplace occurs when people slip and fall. Injuries that result from people slipping and falling are the most dangerous, simply because they are often the ones that have the longest-lasting impact. Bones break, skull fracture, and in some cases there are long lasting consequences of the injuries. This is not only problematic for employees, it is also very problematic for you as the business managers. You could end up losing your best employees and also face lawsuits that are worth millions in damages. When you neglect the safety of your workers in the workplace there is no end to what you can face in terms of problems. So the question is asked once again, can you afford not to invest in coatings that will keep your workers safe?

You may be wondering about how exactly it is possible for you to make your floors into a hazard free zone. Well, it is much easier than you think. Slipping occurs because the floor surface is usually either highly polished or has some ceramic glaze. This means that whatever comes into contact with the floor is prone to get the wrong end of the friction, and not be able to hold on to the floor. This is how most slipping and falling occurs. In the home it can occur because of water that is left on the floor or because of oil. Rugs can also cause a surprising slipping hazard, so there is definitely lots of cause for concern in the home as well as in the workplace.

Non slip coating prices are the way you can help!

You may feel helpless and feel that you are leaving your workers out in the cold when it comes to safety, but you can help. Anti-slip coating is the new way to go. This is a coating that gets used to prevent floors from becoming unsavourily slippery and ruining things such as the health of the employees. Now when most people think of anti-slip coatings, they think of hideous silicone coverings that will change the colour of the floor and get tacky and scratched over time. This is absolutely not the case. The coatings are now a lot more advanced and come in spray on format. They create a thin layer that dries over the floor in a matter of minutes and is fully non-corrosive, meaning that no matter what type of floor finishing is underneath, it will not get affected in any way.

The coating prices are very competitive and you can secure an entire floor for just under four hundred rand, which is a great saving considering that there is no product that is nearly as effective out there on the market.

When you have looked at the coating prices and decided how much coating you need, the application process begins. You need to first make sure that you clean your floor with a special cleanser and degreaser. After that you need to make sure that the floor is dry. You can the spray the liquid all over the floor and then wait for it to dry for about five minutes. After that, you should give it a generous wipe down with water in order to neutralise it properly so that it is not tacky or sticky to the touch.

Once this process is complete, you will have floor protection for the next five years. Your workers will be safe and you will be safe from loss or lawsuits, so it is great for you and them in turn.

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