When it comes to the Safety Of Your Floors, many companies can neglect their floors. Most of all, the safety of the floor. In an ideal world, a caution sign warning against a slippery floor would light up like a beacon. But the reality is that most people ignore these signs.

Very often, signs have been left up long after the wet area has dried. This inadvertently desensitizes the public. It is human nature to get used to something that they see all the time. A floor safety sign shouldn’t be a reflection of the safety of your floors.

Treat your floors. This avoids any painful and ultimately costly slips.

Here are three tips to follow to improve the safety of your floors

  1. Put a sign right on top of wet areas. This warns that the floor is wet. It also creates a physical barrier.
  2. Treat your floors with the correct anti-slip treatment. Never use low traffic slip prevention products in high-traffic areas
  3. Make sure your surface is always nice and clean

Follow the tips

If you follow these simple tips, you will increase the safety of your floor and prevent any injuries or slip-ups on your premises. No one likes injuries, especially on unsafe floors. It is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure that there is a slip prevention strategy in place. Slip prevention will protect people from slipping on wet floors.

Anti-Slip Treatment Ceramic
Non-Slip Treatment Porcelain
Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit

Always follow instructions when applying non-slip flooring products. Our youtube channel is filled with product tutorials. We aim to equip you with the training you need. When it comes to slip prevention, we have over 15 years of experience. Operating in more than 20 countries also helps with industry standards.