After installing our Ant-Slip Products, we are asked how to clean your non-slip floors. And it’s a really good question. Cleaning your non-slip floors is important as having a non-slip product applied.

The first piece of advice is to develop a regular cleaning routine. This should be suited to the usage and traffic of the area

How to clean high-traffic non-slip floors

High-traffic or heavily trafficked areas need frequent cleaning. These areas have the least room for error. One of the main reasons is that the people walking on the floor are employees or customers. Non-slip floors in public areas have strangers walking on them. And you will hardly ever find a stranger telling another stranger to clean up a spill or slipping hazard.

There needs to be a foolproof non-slip floor cleaning plan in place. Incorporated in this plan should be a spill reaction plan to food, drink, and foreign object spills. The non-slip floor needs to be specified correctly too. Some public areas have the wrong type of non-slip flooring and which is ineffective whether there are spills or not.

How to clean regular traffic non-slip floors

Regular traffic floors are found in homes and small businesses. More often than not, the people using the floor know each other and are comfortable enough to ask each other to clean up a spill. This makes controlling slipping a lot easier and requires a less stringent cleaning schedule.

General Cleaning Tips

The best and most cost-effective method of cleaning commercial non-slip flooring is by an auto scrubbing machine. Always use the correct pad. If you are unsure, check the instructions. The wrong pad could damage the floor surface

Remember to always use recommended cleaning chemicals, and don’t forget to:

  • Remove scuff marks regularly
  • Protect newly laid floors
  • Mats should be regularly cleaned

It is also important to use good quality cleaning equipment. Dont let your mops, brooms and squeegees wear out too much, They wont be effective if there used over a rough surface like anti-slip tape for example. Make sure you check out our cleaning products here: Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Remember, we also manufacture and distribute Anti-Slip Tape, Non-Skid Coatings, Stair Nosing and Anti-Slip Treatments for all floor types