It is essential when it comes to floor safety to be able to properly clean and protect your floor. This helps eliminate any nasty workplace trips, slips, or falls. The same principle applies in homes. No one likes to be the cause of an injury to employees, friends, or family.

You not only need to provide a hygienic environment but also maintain the safety of your floors. If a proper cleaning procedure is not followed, a hazardous level of dirt and contaminant build-up can accumulate on the surface of the flooring, potentially increasing the risk and safety.

When using floor cleaners, there are a couple of points to take note of:

  • Are you cleaning the floor with a floor cleaner?
  • Are you mixing the product you are using correctly?
  • How often are you cleaning the floor?
  • Which equipment are you using to clean the floor?

Floor Cleaners

It’s very scary to find out how many people actually use the wrong product to clean a floor. In our experience, we have heard some horror stories. People have used dishwashing liquid, window cleaner, and even kitchen cleaner. Obviously, these are not ideal, and while you think they might be working, they could be causing more problems than you expect. Any of these products will make your floor look clean but more often than not, they will leave a residue on the floor. This residue is what makes the floor slippery.

Dilute of pour?

When mixing a product that needs to be diluted, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s specifications. Always! When it comes to floor cleaners, there are so many on the market. Some products are ready-to-use, and some need to be diluted. Be sure to familiarize yourself with what you are using. The general rule in floor safety is that the less a product needs to be diluted, the less active ingredient is in it.

Cleaning frequency

One of the most crucial parts of floor safety is frequency. It is crucial to implement a regular cleaning strategy. If you are only going to clean your slippery tiles when they are dirty, then you might be doing something wrong. Regular cleaning is critical to the success of having clean, safe floors.


Lastly, always remember to use good floor safety cleaning equipment. Old or dirty mops are only going to make problems worse.

Te help with overall floor safety, we found a great site where there are loads of cleaning tips. Check out