Don’t let a slippery floor dampen your mood this Valentine’s Day


You have finally plucked up the courage to invite your crush out for the first time this Valentine’s Day. Before the date begins, the nerves are going to kick in and you may find that you do not act completely like yourself. The last thing you want is to make a fool of yourself in front of your crush, so don’t let a slippery floor dampen your mood this Valentine’s Day.


Great Poetry… Evil Floors… If only there had been Slip No More to save the day.


Inviting a crush out on a date is a big deal as it is, add into equation the most romantic day of the year and you have big shoes to fill. You will want to make sure that your date goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, there are certain aspects that might be out of your control. When the nerves kick in, your usually calm nature may disappear. You might find that even the simple task of walking becomes difficult. On top of this you may find that your hands have a mind of their own and are flaring about unnaturally.

Imagine you are sitting at a table with your love interest, a beautiful vase with a single, fresh, long-stem rose between you. You try to say something humourous and your hands start moving uncontrollably. Next thing you know you have knocked over the vase and rose. Water is not only dripping onto your date but also on the floor below you. As you get up to clean up the mess, disaster strikes once again and you slip. The slippery floor causes you to land head first into the lap of your crush, causing embarrassment for both of you. These situations can and do happen when the nerves kick in. One way to avoid having a slippery floor ruin your Valentine’s Day is to make sure that the restaurant you choose, uses anti-slip solutions.

If you are a restaurant owner you can save your “first date” guests from this embarrassment by making sure you use an anti-slip floor coating on your floors. It will keep your restaurant floor completely slip free regardless of whether the flooring is wet. It will also protect you from any Personal Liability Lawsuits due to injury. Get your slip free solutions today from us at Slip No More and help your guests to receive a Valentine’s kiss at the end of the night. Visit for more information.

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