You may be wondering where and how non slip coatings can get used practically. Well, everywhere that there is a floor, really. More recently however, the need for non slip coatings has shifted to the public sphere. It is all good and well to protect people in their homes and workplaces, but what about a wider initiative to protect your public? This comes as a response to all the accidents that have been happening at train stations in the United Kingdom. There have been scores of unfortunate accidents that have happened on the tiled floor of train stations due to passengers being drunk, or wearing heels. Incidents happened as people fell on steps and escalators, over luggage and even off platforms. There was one death, 51 broken bones, 19 dislocations, five concussions and dozens of cuts and bruises. This is enough to have a serious lawsuit filed. For a while there was a motion in place to try and help passengers to be more aware of their surroundings, but the truth is, accidents do happen, whether or not we want them to.

The ultimate accident prevention? Non Slip Coatings!

Non slip coatings can be used to prevent accidents such as this from happening. The minute a non slip coating is applied to a floor, traction to the user is given. There is nothing that can make the user slip, from underfoot. So no matter how drunk you are, or how high the heels that you choose to wear are, you will not have to worry about slipping, falling and hurting yourself. Here at Slip No More, we also have an anti-skid tape that you can apply to stairs, which will inhibit the chances of anyone slipping on the stairs.

Despite the fact that this happened in the United Kingdom, it should serve as a lesson for everyone in every other country. There are tiles everywhere, and public who will be injured. This product should be rolled out everywhere, so that everyone can have the comfort of knowing that they are waiting upon non slip floor tiles. Children will also be safer in places like shopping malls where the hazard of slipping is elevated. This will also prevent a large number of the public lawsuits from being filed, since there will be very few accidents. Non slip floor tiles can go a long way toward making public places safer for everyone to be in.

This type of anti slip flooring should of course also be used in the home where the risk of tripping and falling is also greatly exacerbated. You could fall anywhere, be it kitchen or bathroom, even bedroom. If you have children, ensuring a safe environment for them is a non-negotiable.

The next time you are looking to make your work, home or public environment safe, think about the tiles, the safe, lovely non slip floor tiles. For more information contact us today.