In order to really understand the value of having anti slip flooring treatments performed within your home or business, you need to hear from those who have chosen that route before. Here at Slip No More, we boast hordes of satisfied customers. Here are a few testimonials that we are sure you will find very interesting indeed.

For those who are looking into anti slip flooring treatments for their home:

“I had such an Awesome Experience dealing with Dean at Slip No More”, that I have to put a Compliment out there for everybody to see! I enquired last week on the internet about a product that could make the wooden steps in my home safe for my children, and I found this company called “Slip No More in Kya Sands. Since the minute I started to explain to Dean my situation, I heard that I was dealing with a professional in Floor Safety and an Expert in Customer Service. The product that he was offering me was less than half the price of what is available in the market (Chamberlains and Builders Warehouse), and of the same quality! I stay in Centurion and while Dean sent me a quotation immediately, I arranged that I would pay for the goods asap, for him to deliver them to me. He said that I don’t even have to pay for delivery as one of his staff (Jaco) would bring it personally to my home. Before I even paid, the goods was delivered the following day. I couldn’t’ believe it!! Where do you still get an Excellent product and Excellent Service, like this today? Dean,I just want to thank you and your team, for putting my family’s safety first! I would recommend this company to anyone interested!


As you can see, anti slip flooring treatments from Slip No More is the ultimate solution for homes that have children. Anti slip flooring is also necessary if you are living with older people. Older people have bones that are more fragile, therefore making slips and falls even more dangerous for them. With an anti slip floor, however, potential accidents can be easily avoided.

Another place where an anti slip coating would not go amiss is in the workplace or in public areas. Take a look:

“After a few of our clients complained about the slipperiness of the tiles in our public toilets, we decided to try and find a product that we could use instead of replacing the tiles. Our maintenance manager found Slip No More and contacted them for an estimate. From the first contact with them, we received nothing but exemplary service. We would like to recommend Slip No More to anyone who has had doubts about slippery floors, they sure know their industry and have a wide range of products.” 

3 STAR HOTEL – JEFFREYS BAY – September 2011 

For more information about our unique and affordable anti slip flooringtreatments and products in South Africa, please do not hesitate to get in touch!