When discussing anti-slip flooring cleaning tips, we frequently get asked, “can you make it non-slip and easy to clean” but sometimes that combination just doesn’t exist. The lighter end of the scale isn’t the issue here because those floors typically have a light sprinkling of aggregate or a rounded particle that allows standard janitorial equipment such as mops to be used. (Tip – wet mopping can often push the dirt around rather than pick it up. Using a wet vacuum to collect excess water, rather than letting it dry, works well)

The challenge comes when more aggressive slip resistance is required, e.g., in an abattoir. A mop will be torn to shreds very quickly here, so other options need to be explored. To clean these surfaces, you’ll find the use of cleaning agents followed by a flush to drainage or a wet vacuum to be more successful.

If you have any questions about cleaning and wearing resin-based anti-slip flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also be sure to check out our products to help clean anti slip floors below:

Cleaner and Maintainer 

Treatment Neutralizer 

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