Advantages of Anti-Slip Treatments

Anti Slip treatments for tiled floors not only provide safety against slippery surfaces. They also help prevent any harmful injuries that may occur after a slip or fall. The main benefit of Anti Slip treatments is that they help create a safe and happy environment for your workers which helps increase productivity.

As you probably already know, there is literally nothing worse than slipping on a wet floor for a number of reasons. Some of us might not want to avoid the embarrassment of slipping and falling in public. Others, might have an important event that they are preparing and tweaking an ankle (or worse) could affect their planning negatively. In extreme cases, people who are injured are forced to take time off of work. Slip and fall accidents can cause a variety of injuries, from sprained ankles, to broken wrists and even broken hips. All of these can be avoided by using an anti-slip treatment.

According to the NFSI, Slip and fall accidents account for the second-highest rate of accidental deaths. Anti-Slip coatings applied in areas like office receptions, bathrooms, showers, and kitchens can help prevent serious injury.

Why choose our Anti-Slip Treatments?

Our range of slip prevention products is designed to increase the slip resistance of your floor at your home, office, or factory. Our anti-slip treatments are perfect for around the home and office. They are also used in shopping malls, hospitals and much much more…

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Non-Slip Self Adhesive Tapes For Stairs

We also specialize in non-slip coatings for floors, stairs and ramps. Our coatings range comes in a range of different colors. Whether it be a DIY pack you are looking for or 5 gallon pails, we can help. We also carry the highest quality non-slip tape for short term slippery floor solutions, and other products for long term solutions.

Our off the shelf, pre-cut stair nosing has always been a great option for our customers. For a no mess no fuss application, our aluminum stair treads come in 5 pre-cut sizes. These can simply be stuck to the floor or mounted with fasteners.