When it comes to floor safety and how to Prevent Slips and Falls, always take the condition of the floor into account. The old adage followed that prevention is better than a cure. This is where floor safety and anti-slip treatments come in to prevent painful injuries at your workplace. These injuries or accidents can end up being really costly, which is why these factors need to be taken care of.

Here are three tips for preventing slips, trips, and falls:

  • Keep walking surfaces clean and free of clutter
  • Check floor condition, indoors and outdoors
  • Clean up spills immediately as the first line of defense against preventing slip and fall accidents

Over and above these tips, there is some logical decisions you can make too. If you are walking on a slippery floor, why not try and understand what is causing the floor to be slippery. Most times, it is the incorrect coating on the floor. The simplest fix is to apply a non-slip coating or use an anti-slip tape

We came across an interesting article from Interstate Restoration on how to reduce slips and falls. Interestingly enough, they speak about slippery floors and how to prevent them.For more tips on how to reduce slips, trips, and falls in your business, go here

Here are some anti-slip products that can help prevent slips and falls on walkways.

Anti-Slip Treatment Ceramic
Non-Slip Treatment Porcelain
Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit

We have a number of different slip prevention products. These anti-slip products are designed for slippery stairs and ramps at home or in the workplace. Checkout another slippery floor related article here