When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, it only takes 3 steps to get a safer floor.  In this situation, you cannot take any shortcuts. Safety is essential to keep everyone happy and, most of all, safe. When people are at work, they should not have to worry about having a slip, trip, or fall. Almost all workplace injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents. This relates directly to floor safety, and we want to help you understand the 3 steps to a safer floor.  they are at work. If you follow these steps, you will be able to improve the safety of your floors instantly.

Inspect the premises

Walk around the office, factory, or warehouse and pay careful attention to the floors. Put yourself in the shoes of an employee that is rushing to get their job done. Think of the worst possible outcome of walking or running on a slippery floor.

Organize your work areas

Space planning in the workplace is crucial in occupying as much of the space as possible. With that said, organizing work areas in a way that there is minimal traffic between work areas is very important. Out of the 3 steps to a safer floor to achieve the best floor safety, this is by far the most important

Address problem areas immediately

If your floor safety plan has failed you and you haven’t followed this guide of 3 steps to a safer floor, don’t wait. There are quick fixes that are just as reliable as long-term fixes. Our first suggestion is always to have a roll of anti-slip tape handy. If, for whatever reason, a slip, trip, or fall should happen, you can literally solve the problem immediately so that it doesn’t happen again. Once you have solved the problem, contact a floor safety expert and hear what they have to say about a long-term solution. If you are unsure on which products are suited to different areas, checkout our YouTube Channel

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