Non slip coatings, How many ways can you slip and fall without them? There are so many, but let us count some of them. Firstly, you can slip backwards. The implications of this are that you will hit your head and then the rest of you will hit the ground. This is never a good thing, simply because there are so many delicate little bones in your spine that could get seriously injured and fractured. There are also the implications of a head injury. The last thing you want is to be alone in your home with a fractured skull, having to drive yourself to the emergency rooms in that state. The truth is that it is not possible at all for you to do that, so you will therefore have to hope that either someone is with you, or that you do not end up that badly injured. Still doesn’t seem like a risk worth taking, does it?

What if that happens to your child? Your child may not be so lucky however. Imagine your son or daughter running around the house and slipping on a badly placed rug. They could fall sideways, meaning some cracked ribs and bruised hips, or forward, which also implies concussion, broken nose and possible fractured skull. This is not something that a child, with its small immune system and body can recover from easily. Incurring these injuries when the child is still small may spell further growth problems later on. These are not things that you would want your child to have to live with, and very understandably so.

The ‘non slip coatings’ intervention

Non slip coatings on your floor act as a traction enhancer. It is impossible to slip, slide or even skid on a floor that is coated with the special anti slip flooring solution. The non slip coating is a brush on solution that is easily applied to a floor that has been pre cleaned. This does not mean that it will interfere with the general aesthetic of your house, in fact, if anything, it serves to enhance the tiles underneath, so whatever colour they are, this coating will bring out a much brighter version of that colour, which is never a bad thing.

Non slip floor tiles are the perfect tiles to have in an environment where there are either children or elderly people present. This means that the two most vulnerable groups will be protected against any types of injuries that they might face. It also means that if you are a person who works in emergency services, you should consider putting this coating on your floors.

Before you slip and fall, before anything bad happens in your home or workplace, make sure that you have non slip floor tiles. They can save a life. For more information contact us today.